Hello Wiki user,

We are now owning a Discord Server. What is Discord? On Discord you can create and join servers, where you can write and talk to other members. It's a better mix from WhatsApp and Teamspeak, which is completely free (also the app for the phone) and there are no commercials or spam Mails

Now you are surely asking: "Why should I join this server?" It's just much more easy to talk there since you can see the complete chat history (not just the last 10 messages as here on Wikia), it also works on mobile and you can also start private conversations with specific users, even when they aren't online at the moment, as well as sending files to each other without having to upload them anywhere else

On the servers, there are different Chatrooms (called Channels), where we can talk about the game, about the wiki, or just anything. There is also the possibility to create new Channels for anything.

Also, anyone can join on Discord, there is no signup required. If you want to keep your ranks, however, you need to register with E-Mail

Everyone who is already on the server is waiting for you!

Use this link to join at any time:

If you have troubles or want more information, just write a comment