General informations
Full name Zombie
Flag Flag33
Character number 33
Stars 5
Power Shot(s) Zombie Shot
Unlock Requirements Win the Major League with 10 different Characters or pay 3,200,000 points
Icon Icon33
Previous Character 32. Sweden
Next Character 34. Israel

Z is the 33rd character in the game. He was added with New Zealand and Sweden in the Update 2.0. He is the 7th Non-Country in the game.

Appearance Edit

He looks like a zombie. He is green, has blank eyes, and appears to have his mandible torn off. He has no hair, and although it looks like there is brown hair on the back of his head, it is just shadow. Between the time he activates the Power Shot, and when he start his Power Shot, his eyes appear to dangle from his head,and also he gets more "bloody."

Power ShotEdit


Air Zombie Shot

Screenshot 2016-03-24-20-59-09 1

Ground Zombie Shot

Air Shot: Air Zombie Shot Edit

Z's Air Power Shot is the Air Zombie Shot. When Z uses this shot, a grotesque-looking, giant zombie will rise from the ground, and cover half the screen in doing so. When Z uses his Power Shot in the air, the tongue will go low. If the giant zombie's tongue catches the defender, and he does not counter the shot, the giant zombie will eat him and chew on him, spurting blood everywhere. However, the defender will reappear after a few seconds. If the tongue does not catch him, an acidic, green slime will cover the ground where the tongue landed, and if any player steps in it, they will Disappear for a few seconds, then reappear.

Ground Shot: Ground Zombie Shot Edit

Z's Ground Shot is the Ground Zombie Shot. The only difference with the air Power Shot is the tongue of the giant Zombie goes horizontally in the air to the opponent. This can be very different if you don't know or the tongue goes down or straight-line.

Both of these power shots last for 4s.

Costume: Fire Flame Costume Edit


Fire Flame Costume

In Arcade Mode, he wears the Fire Flame Costume. It is a SS Rank Costume. Every 3 seconds fire comes at the top of the helmet. If the opponent touches the fire he turns to Ashes for 3 seconds. You can buy this costume after you've unlocked him against the Cyborg in Survival for 1,000,000 Points.

Unlock RequirementsEdit

Win the Major League with 10 characters or pay 3,200,000 points.

Tips and TricksEdit

When Z unleashes his Power Shot, jump in the middle as best as you can, near Z's monster. The tongue should get you wherever the elevation might be.

In his air shot, if you're doing it without jump go to your goal. The tongue will dip into the bottom of the goal, allowing you to counter it, or you can also just stand in front of the goal, and the ball will sometimes bounce back into the opponent's net.

A very simple way to counter Z's Power Shot is to stay still where you are anywhere between your goal and the middle line when Z starts the Power Shot. You would notice that the monster would always shoot his tongue exactly where your feet is (if you stayed still), and by simply pushing the kick button, the counterattack is performed.

History Edit

Version July 21, 2013
2.0 Added Z along with New Zealand and Sweden.

Trivia Edit

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